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My approach to coaching is pluralistic drawing on different models such as cognitive behavioural, solution focused and existential. My role as your coach is to facilitate change and my aim to help coachees to fulfil their potential and flourish. To understand how coaching differs from therapy please read my blog

What is coaching and how is it different from therapy?


Communication & Relationships

Conflict management & resolution

Improving assertiveness

Emotional intelligence, Mediation skills


Changing jobs, Redundancy

Menopause, Parenting

Divorce, Grief

Health & Wellbeing

Relaxation techniques, Learning mindfulness

Weight management, Work related stress

Work-life balance, Feeling happier

Identity & Self Awareness

Confidence & self esteem

Conflict of values

Meaning & purpose

Improving Performance

Management & leadership skills

Problem solving skills

Organisational skills, Time management

Coaching Testimonials

After giving up work to look after three young children, I missed different elements of my life and was struggling with a conflict of identity. Jana and I looked at the various roles and responsibilities I was juggling and how my identity was impacted by diversity

Working with Jana helped me to untangle some issues surrounding identity that had lay dormant since becoming a Mum. Jana provided me with such a source of inner strength, I will always be eternally grateful. Through patience, validation and understanding, she enabled me to feel truly heard. I have already recommended Jana to friends and would encourage everyone to have some of her life affirming sessions

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